With the UNIVERGE SV9100, smaller companies with 10 to 896 potential users gain access to NEC’s award winning, cost effective and highly modular communications platform.

Able to support a suite of reliable and secure voice, video, communications and collaboration applications and deliver out-of-the-box mobility, the SV9100 that is an ideal EPBAX for Hotel, hospital and other prominent places opens intuitive accessibility to relational and physical assets so smaller companies can operate more proficiently.

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  • Versatile architecture able to work as an IP system, digital system, EPBAX for Hospital or a combination of the two
  • One of the easiest unified-communications-capable systems on the market
  • Simple integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • The ability to operate as an analogue, digital or IP system
  • A range of mobility apps customizable to meet workforce requirements
  • A variety of compatible desktop, handset and mobile devices for a fully equipped workforce
  • Administrative and cost management tools for the insight the organization requires
  • Simplified user licensing for ease of use and budgeting
  • A trusted partner who can fully support dynamic communications and collaboration